Here are few kind words from my customers...

Paula from Brontë Canine Services is such a safe experienced dog handler. My dog loves going out with her. I would definitely recommend her to people

Helen with Lottie.

Paula from Brontë Canine Services was brilliant, she arrived on time and spent the time to get to know Meg before taking her out for an hour. Paula was very professional and genuinely caring. I would recommend this service to family and friends

Shelley with Meg

Paula has always been an exceptional client - taking every opportunity to learn about animal care and behavior, following all medical and behavioral recommendations to the letter, and always showing kindness and excellent animal handling skills.

Paula conducts herself in a professional manner and has read every recommended book I have suggested to expand her medical and behavioral knowledge of small animals and horses. Through dedication and care, she has nursed her animals through some very difficult and chronic medical conditions to now all enjoy an excellent state of health.

I would be more than happy to entrust my own animals into Paula's care and would highly recommend Paula, as she exemplifies all the qualities of a thoughtful, responsible, and conscientious animal caretaker.

Sarah Stieg DVM MRCVS